CRA Districts and District Maps

Where are Lake Park's CRA areas?

Existing land uses in the CRA follow patterns in the original 1919 Kelsey City Plan, when it was promoted as the “first zoned city in Florida.” There are about 308 acres in the Town's CRA, or about 20% of the Town's total area, and are parceled into three districts: Arts District, Commerce District, and Hometown District.



 The Arts District  runs through the historic heart of downtown on Park Avenue between 7th Street and 10th Street. The CRA is promoting visual, audio, performing, graphic and culinary arts to complement the area's existing ballet and dance schools, art supplies dealer, and restaurants, and the coming artists' co-op and wine bar.



The Commerce District  consists of 4 corridors: 10th Street, from Silver Beach Road to Northern Drive; Old Dixie Highway and FEC Railway areas; Newman Road area; and Watertower Road area. The District ranges from light to heavy commercial and industrial uses, with room for growth.



The Hometown District  is totally residential and serves as a transition between the commercial uses along the 10th Street corridor and the single-family neighborhood to the east. The CRA intends to create better integration of residential with commercial by promoting mixed-use properties.